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With little too young to be inside

With the current state of our technology and the internet today, it is undeniable how only with few clicks, one can easily download a movie. This is one of the few reasons why people watching movies in a cinema are decreasing and most people prefer to simply download it and watch in their homes. But for me, watching movies in movie houses will never get old, for it is something that brings different sentiments and emotions to me. If you are not in any way convinced with my statement, let me give you a trip inside a movie house.It all starts by buying your ticket, having to wait in a long line of different people who are as exhilarated as you are to see the movie. This is where the anticipation starts, which may get irritating at times because of that one person who takes forever in the cashier, or that one guy who decides to cut the line. But once you get to buy your tickets, your irritation will slowly turn into nothing but excitement and enthusiasm. Then you enter the caliginous room, and the dimness of it makes you feel more agog and the smell of burnt yet greasy and buttery pop corns welcome you. You might sit beside a sweet couple, who looks a little too young to be inside cinemas, but keeps on hugging and cuddling with each other. Or you might sit near a group of friends who makes aggravating noises and loudly argues about where to eat after. Or possibly beside someone who is alone, like you, who is impatiently waiting for the movie to begin. You notice how the room is filled with people of different ages, from that kid that looks like around 6 or 7 years old who holds a lollipop in her hand, to that old couple who looks older than 70. But this will no longer matter when the movie starts.And then the wide, pitch-black screen suddenly turns on, as your heart beats a little faster because of excitement and the chitchats of people immediately stopping. The movie then starts and everyone suddenly hushed as they turn their enthrallment into the screen. You then enjoy the movie yourself as you take turns in eating your popcorn and sipping into your unusually too sweet soda. Then one scene suddenly made everyone burst into laughter, the room was suddenly filled with joy.You hear the one beside you running out of breath from laughing too much, then you find yourself laughing with him as well. It was truly a funny scene, but you soon realize how there’s one thing more beautiful than that- the thought of having different people of different ages from different places experience happiness together just because of a movie. Later on, you find yourself bringing out your handkerchief as you try your best to hold your tears in because of that one scene which made everyone emotional. But you finally let it out as you hear the cute little girl in front of you sob and let her heart out. The screen then turned black again and lights slowly turning on, which only means the movie just ended, but instead of standing up, you look around you and realize how astonishing one movie in a movie house could be. How it brought you to different places with those people watching with you, how you shared the same sentiments and feelings with these people. The film is great, but what makes you happier is the fact that you and all the people inside the cinema could relate to each other for you have bonded with each other simply through the movie.So the next time you see a good movie showing in a cinema, might as well watch it in the movie house and get the chance to experience something so captivating.


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