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Youth, Goals is helping to make sure


Youth, who are the generation
with the most to gain or lose depending on the extent to which these goals are
achieved were involved in helping to shape the Sustainable Development Goals.
They have the opportunity to take on key leadership roles in understanding,
promoting and supporting efforts to help the world achieve those seventeen
Sustainable Development Goals. The key role youth can play in sustainable
Development Goals is helping to make sure others are aware of 2030 agendas and
its importance.

Among these all, youth can have a
greater influence on environmental
issues. It holds the Sustainable Development Goals in various aspects for the
sustainable living in the earth. The goals speak
about higher productivity to reduce hunger in the world, sustaining the use of water and other natural resources at
the meantime combating against climate lies in the center for planning.

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In context of Nepal, I have found most of the youth are aware of the importance of natural resources. They are
applying their effort for it. We have a culture
to live in peace and harmony with nature. The intervention of development has
thrilled in mid-era back now it is back
to the point. We can see forest area have increased by 5.16% as per the recent national
survey report. We have protected areas more than the international agreement i.e. 17% for each nation. Latest
reports show that we are successful in
terms of faunal conservation as we have positively inclining graph of various
wild species including globally threatened and endangered species. We have
celebrated consecutive four years of “Zero Poaching Year for Rhino” after the involvement of local people in conservation and
protection of wild species forming Community Based Anti-Poaching Unit (CBAPU). This
status of forest and wildlife shows Nepal’s ability in conservation. Nepal,
a developing small nation from South-Asia is one of the ranking nation in terms of bio-diversity conservation which
has been proved by several commitments
and agreements done in international forums.

Determined youth were there to
hold the government towards the agreements they have done in international
conferences for ecosystem conservation and combating climate change. Youth have
contributed in raising awareness programs through NGOs and other several formal
and informal groups. Youth can spread knowledge within a short span in a most
appropriate way because they have easy access to the internet.

Conservation is not a day planning.
We have to impede everyone with the deep
concept of environmental conservation so he/she could be a conserving leader or
entrepreneur who plans for earning from natural resources in a sustainable way. We have to include the courses
for conservation from the early grades so the child
could be imprinted with sustainable living.

with managing the environment it’s an urge of time to manage lands
before it get too late and people start conflict for the limited food at the
end of the decade. In the context of
Nepal, youth are to be encouraged towards agricultural because abandoning the
productive land, lacking the working manpower is the major problem here.
Traditional subsistence agricultural system must be shifted towards modern
tools and techniques which help in
increasing production and reduces the amount and intensity of degradation of
land. Youth are to be mobilized for disseminating the knowledge of modern
agriculture to every corner. We are lucky that we have enthusiast youths who
are concerned about the environment but
the lacking is only the proper idea to check them. It not like they are unaware
or been abdicated to other activities and we just need to ignite their
capability with proper orientation and guidance. The report says that developed countries have a greater loss in food after production from
harvesting, storage, and transportation.

Nepal lies in the vulnerable zone
which is likely to be affected much by climate change. Pre-planning are to be
done to reduce the impacts. The research and promotion of seeds and plants that
can promise better yield and survive in extreme conditions are to done. Designing own path for introduction of
innovative farming interventions that are socially economically and
environmentally balanced are to be in central focus. More than on
agro-enterprise priority are to be given to small scale farmers as it will help to multiply
effect and grassroot level will be prime
beneficiaries. They can enjoy the food security and quality life from their own
effort and will aid for the self-reliance of the nation in terms of food.

For increasing food availability,
our priority is on the maximization of
utilization of available land rather than increasing the agricultural land
depleting those forest or other lands. For this multiple cropping within the same piece of land is a brilliant idea. Agroforestry
can also be adopted where agricultural crops are planted within the forest
trees. This is likely to affect wild animals so it should be implemented only
on land that is for the production of
forest resources but not in protective land allocated for the protection of flora and fauna. Along with this,
rooftop farming is to be encouraged in an urban
area which will help in minimization of pollution and demand for food to a small extent.

Water irrigation facility in
unavailable barren land and knowledge of water use efficiency will result in an
increase of the huge amount of production. The food in most of the developing
countries is being wasted from harvesting
and chain of supply from storage to different steps. Developed nations should
assist in the financial and technical
sector for those nations for reducing that
wastage and helping to make each nation self-reliant for food through
sustainable production and consumption pattern.   Environmentally sound management of chemicals
and waste materials are urge of time because they are cause for reducing production
of land should focus on every way of prevention, reduce, recycle and reuse of
all kind of wastages produced to the environment.
Together with this, using of improved varieties adapted
to local conditions, more judicious use of fertilizer.



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